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Marnach House
Luxemburg, MN

        Luxembourg:  The Green Heart of Europe

Luxembourg, the small European country of 999 square miles that is surrounded by Belgium, France, and Germany, has been one of my major research interests for many years.  Most of my maternal and paternal ancestors emigrated from Luxembourg to the United States during the mid-nineteenth century, and I have been fortunate to visit this wonderful country many times.  For nearly twenty years, I have been doing research on its history, its religious and cultural traditions, and its patterns of immigration to sites in the United States.  My most recent visit to Luxembourg will take place during summer 2002, after which time additional photos will be posted.  

One of the most knowledgable researchers in Luxembourg is Jean Ensch, whose web site is at this URL:      His e-mail address is:    

To begin working on Luxembourg genealogy, I recommend you visit these web sites:      Lisa Oberg's Genelux Research Site    Luxembourg Genealogy Forum      "Luxembourg Central"

If you would like to visit Bourscheid Castle near Feulen, where my family once lived, click on this URL:     Bourscheid Castle

Here is the home page for the Commune of Feulen:   

If you would like to visit web sites specifically linked to Luxembourg and Luxembourger immigration to the United States, please click on this URL:     

A most interesting resource is Pierre Flener's Luxembourg: An Independent Travel Guide:    Mr. Flener's home page is at this URL:  

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