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College of Social & Behavioral Sciences

Paul Prew

Office: 222K Morris Hall
Office Hours: By appointment or check with current course page
Office Phone: 507-389-5674

Dr. Paul Prew’s research and personal interests all revolve around the growing concerns regarding the destruction of our environment. One of his latest publications appears in the Oxford Handbook of Marx. “Sociopoiesis: Understanding Crisis in the Capitalist World-System through Complexity Sciences” applies new understandings in social and physical sciences to comprehend the source of our looming ecological crisis. In the past, he has focused on how environmental threats are forcing changes in indigenous groups as well as in poorer nations around the world. To get a first-hand look at these issues, Dr. Prew has traveled to Ecuador to learn from an indigenous group, Sarayaku ( :, and struggles by other groups resisting environmental degradation and threats to their livelihood. Click on this link to learn a bit more and view some pictures of his travels to Ecuador.He has also recently published an intellectual biography of Karl Marx for a text called, Great Economic Thinkers. You can find a review here: “Explaining the Dismal Science.”


Paul Prew

Professional interest:

Environmental Sociology, Globalization, Sociological Theory, International Political Economy, Race, Class, & Gender, Developing Areas, Public Sociology, Labor Studies.

Courses taught:

Introduction to Sociology, Indigeneity and the Environment, Sociology of the Environment, Sociology of Globalization, Sociological Theory, Medical Sociology, Social Change, Sociology of Developing Areas, Social Problems, Political Sociology, Marxist Sociological Thought, The Nature of Labor, Amazon Expedition (Co-taught with Professor Carlos Fontes), Issues in US Society.