SAMER (Student Association for Mathematical Experiences in Research)

Text Box: Mission: To provide students with an opportunity to perform mathematical research through interaction with faculty members and other students

President: Jordan Tait

We meet weekly throughout each semester.

Interested in joining us?

Please, contact Dr. In-Jae Kim

Advisor: Dr. In-Jae Kim

Student Presentations

• Jordan Tait, Jimmy Broomfield, Benjamin Sencindiver, and Jacob Westman, Searching for Optimal Betting Points in Major League Baseball Games, MAA-NC Meeting, April, 2014

• Jordan Tait, Network Modeling of Social Influences, MN Conference of Undergraduate Scholarly and Creative Activity, April 2012

• Brian Barthel, On Active and Passive Propagation Models,  MAA-NC Meeting, April 2012

• Jordan Tait, Network Modeling of Social Influences, Undergraduate Research Symposium (URS), April 2012 (Best Session Presentation Award)

• Brian Barthel and Yuyoung Park, On Active and Passive Network Propagation Models, Math/Stats Departmental Colloquium, April 2012

• Joseph Dobmeier, Parallel Processing and High Performance Computing at MSU, Mankato, Minnesota Modeling and Simulation Center, March 2012

• Jordan Tait, What does the network structure of power grids tell us about blackouts?, Undergraduate Research Conference, April 2011 (Best Session Presentation Award)

• Nicholas Compton, Ising Model and its Applications, Undergraduate Research Conference, April 2011

• Moyang Chen, Minimum rank, zero forcing number and network propagation, Undergraduate Research Conference, April 2011

• Joe Wagner, Network Propagation and Related Algorithms, Undergraduate Research Conference, April 2011

• Brian Barthel, Special matrices and their applications, Undergraduate Research Conference, April 2010

• Craig Erickson, On Nilpotence Indices of Sign Patterns, MAA-NC Meeting, April 2009

• Eric Hanson, On Sign-Solvable Linear Systems and  their Applications in Economics, Undergraduate Research Conference, April 2009 (Best Session Presentation Award)

• Craig Erickson, On Potentially Nilpotent Sign Patterns, Graduate Research Conference, April 2009

• Lucas Kramer, On Nonnegative Matrices and the Perron-Frobenius Theory, Graduate Research Conference, April 2009

• Brendon Watts, Spectral Properties of a Class of Bipartite Graphs, Undergraduate Research Conference, April 2008


Research Papers by Members

• I.-J. Kim, B. Barthel, J.L. Dobmeier, S.-C. Kim, Y.-Y. Park, D.-Y. Shin, and J.R. Tait, Network analysis for active and passive propagation models, Networks 63 (2014), 160-169.

• I.-J. Kim, B. Barthel, S.-C. Kim, H. Nishina, and D.-Y. Shin, On the development of a satisfaction survey instrument using PageRank centrality, Journal of Academy of Business and Economics 12 (2012), 134-143.

• I.-J. Kim, S.-C. Kim, D.-Y. Shin and J. Wagner, Analysis on propagations in active and passive network models, Proceedings of 2011 International Academy of Business and Economics (IABE), 115-118.

• Y.-F. Chen, H.-L. Fu, I.-J. Kim, E. Stehr and B. Watts, On the largest eigenvalues of bipartite graphs which are nearly complete, Linear Algebra and its Applications 432 (2010), 606-614.

• C. Erickson and I.-J. Kim, On nilpotence indices of sign patterns, Communications of the Korean Mathematical Society 25 (2010), 11-18.


SAMER Speakers

• Dr. In-Jae Kim, Mathematics of Social Learning, Spring 2014

• Dr. In-Jae Kim, Machine Learning, Fall 2013

• Dr. In-Jae Kim, Matrix Analysis and Multivariate Data Analysis, Spring 2013

• Dr. In-Jae Kim, The Science of Rating and Ranking: WHOS’s #1?, Fall 2012

• Dr. In-Jae Kim, Mathematical Finance, Spring 2012

• Dr. In-Jae Kim, Network Propagation, Fall 2011

• Dr. In-Jae Kim, Complex Network Theory, Fall 2010 and Spring 2011

• Dr. In-Jae Kim, Wavelets and Spectra of Graphs, Spring 2010

• Dr. In-Jae Kim, Matrices and Graphs, Fall 2009

• Dr. In-Jae Kim, Sign Patterns, Spring 2009

• Dr. Jason Grout, Tutorial on Sage, Fall 2008

• Dr. Charles Waters, On Orthogonal Sign Patterns, Fall 2008

• Dr. In-Jae Kim, Max-Plus Algebra, Fall 2008

• Dr. Hyuna Park, Continuous-Time Finance and Quantitative Analysts on Wall Street, Fall 2008

• Dr. Hongxia Yin, Optimization Theory: Introduction, Regression analysis and method of least squares, Logistic regression, Convex optimization (constrained and unconstrained; Lagrange dual problem and Karush-Kuhn-Tucker condition), Spring 2008

• Steven Reller, Singular Value Decomposition, Spring 2008

• Dr. Pavel Kitsul, Stochastic Differential Equations: Time Reversal and its Applications to Minimal Representation of Stochastic Processes, Spring 2008

• Dr. Brian Martensen, Dynamical Systems: Applications of Nonlinear Dynamical Systems, Oscillations (Synchronization of Firefly Flashes),  Chaos (Edward Lorenz and Lorenz Butterfly), Spring 2008

• Dr. In-Jae Kim, Combinatorial Matrix Theory and Graph Theory, Fall 2007


Undergraduate Research Symposium (URS): If you are interested in actively researching mathematics outside the classroom, then the URS is a great opportunity.  There are funds available: up to $2,000 for Minnesota State Foundation Student Research Awards, up tp $1,100 for URC Large Grants, and up to $500 for URC Small Grants.  For more information, feel free to explore the URS.