Problems and Projects for Wittgenstein on Rules and Private Language

This page contains (or will contain) accounts of a variety of problems arising from Kripke's text, generally ones about which there is still debate or discussion. My main goal in each case is not to set out the final word on the issue in question but simply to set out a brief summary or overview of it, along with whatever information I have about the treatment of the problem by others. I may also provide suggestions for further work on the issue. As always, comments and suggestions are welcome.

1. The Normativity Problem

2. The Factualist/Nonfactualist Problem

3. The Hume Analogy

4. The Crusoe/Community problem

5. Kripke's Case against Simplicity Considerations (pp. 38-39)

6. Kripke's Reading of Philosophical Investigations ยง201

7. The Inverted Conditional Problem

8. Kripke's Case against Dispositions

9. The Quietism Problem

10. KW's Philosophy of Mathematics

11. KW's Philosophy of Mind

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