Tony Filipovitch -- Publications

Reports & Occasional Papers

Anthony Filipovitch & Alexander Cahill, “The Impact of State and Local Government Regulation on Business Competitiveness in Minnesota,”  Center for Rural Policy and Development, January, 2013. 


Anthony Filipovitch & others, “Engaging with Hear Every Voice:  Best Practices in Community Involvement,” Mn Department of Transportation, August 2012


Sam Afrane, Anthony Filipovitch & others, “The Nongovernmetal Organisation Sector in Ghana,” Department of Planning, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi Ghana, April 2010.


Kwaku Kessey, Anthony J. Filipovitch & Isaac Kerry, “Mankato and North Mankato City Center Profile,” Greater Mankato City Center Business Partnership, December 2009.


Anthony J. Filipovitch, “Minimum Acreage Requirements for K-12 School Sitings” testimony for MN House School Siting Workgroup, K-12 Finance Committee, 7 February 2008


Anthony J. Filipovitch & Miyoshi Thompson, “Open Door Health Center Health Insurance Study,” Region 9 Community Care Partnership, August 2004


Anthony J. Filipovitch & Bill Bernhagen, “End of Life Study:  Summary Report,” Region 9 Community Care Partnership meeting, 3/8/04 (Mankato)


Anthony J. Filipovitch, “Doctoral Education and the MnSCU Mission:  Access and Affordability,” presented to the MnSCU Board of Trustees, November 17, 1999

Anthony J. Filipovitch, "Regional Reconnaissance Reports" (Series of 23 reports for Region Nine Community Drug Prevention Partnership, 1992-1997).

Anthony J. Filipovitch, "The Public Purpose of Charitable Organizations," (Minnesota Council on Foundations, 1991).

Anthony J. Filipovitch and Zane Bail. "Upper Midwest Community Foundations: A Study of Their Development in Small Communities," (MN Council on Foundations, 1990).

Anthony J. Filipovitch, "The Effects of Tax Policy on Nonprofit Service Delivery," (Minnesota Council on Foundations, 1989).

Anthony J. Filipovitch, "Evaluation Report of S.E. and S.W. Minnesota Initiative Funds," (available from Southeastern Minnesota Initiative Fund and Southwest Minnesota Initiative Fund, February, 1988).

Urban and Regional Studies Institute, "URSI Style Sheets," (URSI, January, 1985).

Urban and Regional Studies Institute, "Lake City Labor Survey," (URSI, March, 1984).

Anthony J. Filipovitch, "How to Read a City," and "Streetsong: Children in the City" (radio script for KMSU's "Insights & Outlooks" Series, June, 1983 and May, 1988).

Anthony J. Filipovitch and Linda E. Saltzman, "Evaluation of YMCA Special Outreach Programs," (mimeographed report, available from Mankato Area YMCA, September, 1982).

Stephen C. Mack, Anthony J. Filipovitch, and others, Displacement Study Seminar: A Staff Working Paper, (mimeographed report, available from St. Paul Planning and Economic Development, August, 1980).

John G. Symons, Anthony J. Filipovitch and H. Roger Smith, "Mankato State University Parking Study," (mimeographed report, available from Urban and Regional Studies Institute, Mankato State University, 1979).

Anthony J. Filipovitch (among others), "Beyond the Chughole ... Perspectives on Tulsa's Growth," (pamphlet, available from Tulsa Junior League, 1978).

Anthony J. Filipovitch, "A Framework for Establishing the Neighborhood Boundaries," (mimeographed report, available from the Community Development Department, City of Tulsa, OK, 1977).


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