NPL 673  Nonprofit Management & Leadership

Learning Outcomes


Students will demonstrate competency in knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to function in the following areas:


Historical/Philosophical Foundations of the Nonprofit Sector

1.      Philanthropic nature of nonprofit organizations & relationship to other sectors of society

2.      Ethical decision making


Public Policy Issues in the Nonprofit Sector

3.      Legal status of nonprofits

a.       Federal government

                                                                           i.      IRS Code & classification of services

b.      State Attorney General Office

                                                                           i.      Articles of Incorporation & role of membership

                                                                         ii.      Bylaws

                                                                        iii.      Annual filings

4.      Lobbying


Organization Design of Nonprofit Organizations

5.      Board function & duties

6.      Staff functions & duties

7.      Strategic planning


Managing Operations

8. Marketing & public relations for nonprofit organizations

9. Assessing need

10. Obtaining feedback on organization and programs

11. Risk management


Gathering Resources

12. Contracting with governments

13. Fundraising

14. Enterprise development


Fiscal Management

15. Financial accounting (and commonly used external reports)

16. Managerial accounting (and commonly used internal reports)


People Management

17. Involving the community: Use of volunteers

18. Designing and managing volunteer programs

19. Personnel management systems

20. Employee motivation (total rewards program)

21. Training (for volunteers and employees)



2003 A.J.Filipovitch
Revised 5 August 2008