665 Zoning Administration
Instructor: Dr. Perry Wood

Required Text:
ICMA,The Practice of Local Government Planning. Second Edition, 1988.

Course Objectives:
The student is expected to demonstrate that he/she knows, understands and applies basic zoning regulations.

Evaluation of the course objectives is based on one examination and several projects to be submitted during the quarter. The examination and projects are approximately equal in weighting for the course.

Projects must be submitted on time. Those submitted late will be devalued at a rate of 5 points per day.

A student's grade for the course will be determined by the following formula:

Percent = Total Points Earned/Points Available x 100

Letter grades will be assigned on the basis of the following percentage:
A: 90 - 100
B: 80 - 89
C: 70 - 79
D: 60 - 69
F: Below 60


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