Building Your Own Web Page

  1. First, design your page.  You can use Microsoft FrontPage, but it is probably easier to begin with if you use Microsoft Word.
    1. Open a new document, choosing “Blank Web Page”
    2. You can format different Headings, etc. by clicking on the “Style” button on the Task Bar (It might be set to “Normal” as you start).
    3. Type whatever information you want.  You can make hotlinks by clicking on “Insert” and choosing “Hyperlink”
    4. You can insert a .jpeg (a photo) by clicking on “Insert” then “Picture” then “from file” 
  2. Save your work by clicking on “File” then “Save As” and, at the bottom of the window, “Save as Type” is  Webpage” and (for the homepage of your webpage) call it “welcome” (this will make your website open to this by default).
  3. Then load your webpage to the MavDisk Server.
    1. Set up a MavDisk account.  Go to MSU’s Homepage, click on “Students” then under “Computing” click on “MavDisk File Sharing”

                                                               i.      Click on “Setting Up Your MavDisk Account  and set up your account.

                                                             ii.      Click on “Connecting to MavDisk” and transfer your webpage to MavDisk.

  1. Then register you webpage with MSU’s server.
    1. Go to MSU’s Homepage, click on “Students” and then, under “Directories,” click on “Personal Web Pages” and then click on “Update your personal Web Information” and enter the address for your MavDisk file (all the way down to “welcome.htm,” which is where your homepage is stored).
    2. Then go out on the web and see if it worked!
  2. For more detailed (and fancier) information, there are several tutorials on the Web that will take you beyond this simple beginning.  You might look at   For a more detailed discussion of MSU’s  web procedures, look at .  For detailed information on MavDisk and setting up your computer (ANY computer) to access MavDisk, look at




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Revised 11 March 2005