Assignments & Course Contract

Each unit includes a set of practice activities (“Assignments”).  These activities serve two purposes. 

·        The first is to move your understanding from “the head” to “the hand.”  As much as you think you understand something from reading about it (believe me, I have spent a lifetime “learning by reading,” but there’s more to it than that), knowledge is deepened when it moves from “knowing about” to “knowing how.” 

·        The second is to give you the opportunity to demonstrate to me that you have mastered the tool in question.  I have no interest in “flunking” anyone; I want every one of you to demonstrate that you can do it, and do it well.  You can redo any assignment as many times as you wish, until the end of the course (I will not accept any memos after the last ending date posted on the Course Calendar).  However, you must submit the first memo by the ending date for that unit posted on the Course Calendar.


Course Contract

Your first assignment is to write a memo to me, specifying which units you will complete, by which dates, for how much total credit.  It takes 5 units (not counting this one) to earn 1 semester credit.  This contract may be modified by mutual agreement.


Personal Profile

Your second assignment is to post to the class the address for your personal profile (described above under Communication Protocols).  This is your introduction to your classmates.  You might want to create a folder in your bookmarks for these profiles—you never know when you might want to get in touch with someone.


Unit Assignments

For each unit you have included in your contract, you must write a memo (using the format specified in Writing Conventions) demonstrating that you can use the tool in question to analyze a practical problem.  I prefer that a memo not exceed 2 pages (not counting tables, appendices, attachments, etc.).  Please include your memo as an e-mail attachment, preferably in Word format; failing that, attach it as a text file.  Each memo will be graded on a 1-10 scale.  The final grade for the class will not be based on “the curve,” but will be based on 90% and above = A, 80-89% = B, etc. 





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