Management of Planning: Project Implementation

The most common mistake of planners is to come to policy decision and neglect to plan the implementation of the decision.

Strategic Thinking

  1. The Concept: "How shall we define success? What will it take to achieve it?"
  2. The model
  3. Mission (SWOT Analysis)
  4. Strategic Objectives (Emphasize distinctive competencies)

Declining or Steady Market Share Growing Market Share
Increasing Growth RateCash Cows Stars
Declining or Steady Growth RateDogs Question Marks

Organizational Design

  1. Project Implementation Definition: Specify the following information to assist in designing the implementation
  2. Planning tools
  3. Operations
  4. Innovation (from Andy VandeVenn) comes from
  5. Evaluating Success of Plans (Emily Talen,1996, Do plans get implemented, Journal of Planning Literature, 10(3): 248-259): Consider