URBS 4/581—Selected Topics:  Growing Up in Cities

Action with Children

Besides the programs that were introduced last week, there are a number of other sites that report on various kinds of action with children.

Brooklyn Center for the Urban Environment houses a number of projects for working with city children on environmental issues.  The site also links to a number of other useful sites.

Putting Green is a New Ulm, MN, nonprofit organization that combines environmental education with recreation.  Their model has some interesting possibilities for other areas, as well.

Center for Research & Design, University of Colorado Denver:  Children, Youth & Environments  Besides their many projects, this site is also host to the Children Youth Environments Journal (CYE Journal)—an international online journal that draws heavily on the work of the GUIC program.  You should at least read the most recent issue of the journal, as well as searching back issues for papers relevant to your own specific interests.




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