URBS 4/581—Selected Topics:  Growing Up in Cities

Activity 3


Action Research:

 Suppose you were contacted by the city.  They heard that you have some expertise on working with kids, and they are looking for input from children for the new strategic planning process that the city will be going through.  You, of course, say “yes.”

Sketch out a plan for implementing this request:

·        Getting In:  Who are the children you will sample?  What are their characteristics/motivations/interests?  Etc.

·        Objectives:  What sort of information do you want to get from them?  What are the key questions you need to answer? Etc.

·        Method:  How will you work with the children?  How will you contact them?  Where will you interact with them?  What sort of approach will you use?  Etc.

·        Results:  How will you organize the information you obtain?  What graphs, tables, illustrations are you (they?) likely to produce?  How will you present it to the City?  Etc.

I expect that you will use Driskell as you think through this assignment; you might also use some of the other resources you have been reading throughout the course.




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