Oral Presentations 

Whether giving a presentation to a City Council or to a citizen group, it is rare to find a straight lecture without some sort of visual aid to accompany the information.  In many instances, presenters are dropping the cumbersome foamcore exhibits in favor of electronic presentations; they are able to be projected on a screen for easier viewing, they are easily transferred into the public realm via Internet or TV, and provide viewers a strong supplement to the material being presented.


Power Point and graphics should, however, be just that – a supplement.  The speaker is still responsible for knowing the material being presented and turning that material into a clear, well-structured presentation. 

Remember: One lost art in public presentation is the skill of brevity.  Make sure you are clear, that you get to the point right away, and that you avoid jargon and buzzwords.  Don’t over-explain. 




© 2009 A.J.Filipovitch
Revised 1 September 2009