NPL 473  Nonprofit Leadership

Managerial Accounting Assignment


Refer to the case of NPower2, a nonprofit technology service organization which is considering an expansion.  There are four possibilities:

  1. Continue as is (“NPower” option)
  2. Expand to national presence (“NPower & Microsoft”)
  3. Expand to application service provider (“NPower & ASP”)
  4. Expand to national presence and application service provider (“NPower, Microsoft, & ASP”)


Consider the three approaches to managerial accounting—Full Cost Accounting, Differential Cost Accounting, & Managerial Accounting. 

  1. Which of the four possibilities would you favor?  Why?
  2. Given the information systems available in the case and the strategic situation presented in the case, which approach would you use?  Why?
  3. What data do you have?  What further data would you need?
  4. What targets/expectations would you set for the operation?



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