URBS 4/553—Grants Administration

Are You Ready for an Online Course?


Instructional Management System & Communication Protocols: 

·        The course will use D2L as the instructional management system.  Discussion lists, assignments, grade rosters, and other course management issues will be handled through that site. 

·        The software for this course will be PC-based Microsoft Office and Internet Explorer, or compatibles.  I prefer to receive e-mail and course submissions to my e-mail address (not to D2L), and I can only open Microsoft Word or text files (if you are using, say, WordPerfect, make sure to send any files to me in .txt or .rtf format). 

·        I will communicate with you using your official MSU e-mail address; if this is not your preferred e-mail provider, make sure you have set your MSU e-mail account to forward to your preferred address (instructions are available from  the help desk at help@mnsu.edu or 507-389-6654).

·        I generally will reply to e-mails within 48 hours (give me an additional 24 hours over the weekends), unless I have notified the class through D2L that I expect to be away from my computer (e.g., when I am attending a national conference).  If you do not hear from me within that time, please resend your question or comment as it may have been lost.

·        The library has a document delivery service, and can send books or other publications that circulate (i.e., no items from the reserve or reference collection) to you if you are an online student.  Information is available at http://www.lib.mnsu.edu/lib/ILL/docdel.html  Remember, it will take some time for items to arrive by mail (and even longer if they have to be ordered from another library), so give yourself enough lead time if you plan to use this service.  The library also has a good link for other services offered for distance learning students.  If you are having trouble finding appropriate articles for the course, you can get help from the University’s reference librarians.

Are You Ready for an Online Course?

There are a number of websites that can help you decide whether or not an online course is for you (for example, Minnesota Online or Athabascan University).  For starters, you should consider the following questions:



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