Prospecting for Funds

First step: Figure out what you want to do, and find a partner (a foundation, a corporate giving program, a government grant program) who has the resources and shares your interests.


1)      Prospecting III: Develop your research strategy.

a)      Write a short statement explaining whether you will use a subject, geographic, or types of support approach, or some combination of the three.

b)      Provide a list of the search strategies (and keywords) that you used, and the number of initial hits you developed before you refined your list.

c)      Find at least 3 really good foundation matches and develop a “Prospect Worksheet” (p. 42 in Foundation Fundamentals) for each one. In addition to the Foundation Center resources at the Blue Earth County Library (among other locations), you might look at the various grants indexes and other resources listed in the textbook. As you refine your search, you might want to research prospective organizations using GuideStar ( ).

d)      Find at least one good government match and develop a “Prospect Worksheet” for that one.

e)      Find at least one good corporate match, and develop a “Prospect Worksheet” for that one.

f)        Post these five worksheets to the D2L Discussion Board under “Prospecting for Funds.”



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Revised 5 January 2011