URBS 4/531—Urban Design Principles

I.                    Principles of Design

a.       Unity                d.  Pattern                    g.  Balance

b.      Movement        e.  Rhythm                   

c.       Contrast           f.  Emphasis


II.                 Elements of Design

a.       Value (Brightness)

b.      Color

c.       Line

d.      Form

e.       Shape

f.        Space

g.       Texture


III.               Roger Clemence on Urban Design

a.       Color                           Light & Shadow

b.      Texture                         Water                           Vegetation

c.       Change of Level           Edge Markers              Arrival

d.      Street Furniture

e.       Continuity & Change


IV.              Wm Whyte on Urban Design

a.       Suitable space

b.      Enclosure

c.       Street  

d.      Scale

e.       Nature

                                                               i.      Water

                                                             ii.      Sun

                                                            iii.      Trees & Vegetation

f.        Food

g.       Performance


V.                 HR Smith on Urban Design

a.       Reasons for Building

                                                               i.      Shelter

                                                             ii.      Privacy (& protection)

                                                            iii.      Variety of activity (& fit with environment)

                                                           iv.      Identity

b.      Determinants of Built Environment

                                                               i.      Scale

                                                             ii.      Human needs (both survival & comfort)

                                                            iii.      Activities within and around

                                                           iv.      Terrain & natural environment

                                                             v.      Building materials

                                                           vi.      Technology

                                                          vii.      Pathways

                                                        viii.      “Perceived relative importance” (both intrinsic & in context)

c.       Changing the Environment

                                                               i.      Movement (from place to place)

                                                             ii.      Adaptation

                                                            iii.      Addition

                                                           iv.      Subtraction (demolition)


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Revised 24 January 2005