URBS 4/531óDesign Review Process

Design Review criteria (Hedman, 1984)

  1. State design objectives
  2. Maintain consistency over time
  3. Focus on urban design (rather than architecture)
  4. Minimize (and justify) exceptions
  5. Small, unbiased review committee


Types of design review (Barnett, 2003):

  1. Historic design review
  2. Design review as a condition of ownership
  3. Design review as a condition of public action
  4. Design review as a general requirement


Design review process (Barnett, 2003)

  1. Mayor as urban designer in chief
  2. Creating an urban design constituency
    1. Advocacy by urban design professional organizations
    2. Urban designers as staff or consultants
    3. Education for urban design
  3. Official design review



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