URBS 4/511 Urban Policy & Strategic Analysis

Magister Ludi Assignment


“Magister Ludi  is  Latin for “Game Master.”  It is also the  title of  novel by Herman Hesse (sometimes translated as  “The Glass Bead Game Master”)—a story worth reading, especially in light of the topic of this course.


Anyhow, your assignment is to create a scenario for a game or a case study that applies the principles of strategy to a policy issue that is relevant to urban studies.  The game or case can be your choice, it can be real or imagined or a combination of both, but it must relate directly to urban affairs (preferably to your area of  focus in the program).


Then write the “Teacher’s Notes” for the game/case.  Teacher’s Notes are a guide for anyone who wants to use your case/game to teach others about strategic policy analysis.  It should have the following sections:


Your case/game scenario should be at least 500 words.  Your teaching notes should be at least 750 words.  Teaching notes usually run 3-5 pages; scenarios can be as brief as one page or as long as the ones you studied in this class (or longer—often they are multi-part scenarios and can run a total of 60 pages or more).



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