image006 NPL 273  Introduction to Nonprofit Leadership

Service Learning Assignment


Each student will identify a nonprofit organization with which to volunteer over the course of the semester. 


During that time, the student must

1.      Arrange for a “mentor” within the organization who is willing to provide “insider” insight into what the student is observing in the organization and learning in the classroom.

2.      Attend at least one Board meeting, to observe the operation of a nonprofit Board and the relationship between Board and staff.  Boards often meet only once a month, so you should plan to attend the first Board meeting that is available.

3.      Assist the Board or staff in providing at least some of the “service” of the organization.

4.      Prepare a final report on the management of the organization.  You should  describe the organization and its operation (who, what, where, when, why, how), but most of all you should relate it to the 10 topics we will be covering in class.  This essay (5 page minimum) will be due by the date in the course calendar.






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