NPL 273  Introduction to Nonprofit Leadership

Learning Outcomes


Students will demonstrate competency in knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to function in the following areas:


    Historical/Philosophical Foundations of the Nonprofit Sector

1.      Role of nonprofit organizations in meeting social, religious, human service and other needs

2.      Philanthropic nature of nonprofit organizations & relationship to other sectors of society


Public Policy Issues in the Nonprofit Sector

3.      Legal status of nonprofits

a.       Federal government

                                                                           i.      IRS Code & classification of services

b.      State Attorney General Office

                                                                           i.      Articles of Incorporation & role of membership

                                                                         ii.      Bylaws

                                                                        iii.      Annual filings

4.      Lobbying

5.      Non-governmental organizations (NGOs)

6.      Ethical decision making


Organization Design of Nonprofit Organizations

7.      Board function & duties

8.      Staff functions & duties

9.      Strategic planning & challenges to success/viability

10.  Organizational transformation

11.  Careers in nonprofit organizations




2003 A.J.Filipovitch
Revised 5 August 2008