NPL 273  Introduction to Nonprofit Leadership

Getting to Know Them:  NGOs

There are several websites for researching Nongovernmental Organizations.  The UN-sponsored site is (click on “Link Together”).  The NGO Café Website has a lot of useful information ( ), including a collection of online directories (under the “Bungee Jumps” link). 


Select one of those NGOs, and locate its website.  Find out:

            Who established the corporation (it might have been a group of people, or a single donor) and who is involved in it now.

            When the corporation was established

            Where the corporation is located, and whether it has moved over its lifetime

            Why was the corporation established, and how has that changed over time

            How is the corporation governed and staffed

            What does the corporation do?  What programs does it operate?  What is its operating budget?  Capital budget? What properties does it own?


Write up your findings (minimum 250 words, no maximum) and post them to the class using the Discussion Board site set aside for this project (this does not count as one of your Discussion postings for this week) so that the rest of the class can learn from what you found.  It will probably be easier to write up your findings on your wordprocessor and then paste it into the Discussion posting.



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