NPL 273  Introduction to Nonprofit Leadership

Careers in Nonprofit Organizations

So, after a whole semester learning about all that is involved, do you still think you want to do this?  Maybe even make a living at it?, the web-based career site, has some great links for thinking about nonprofit careers.  There are some links for figuring out where you fit in, trends in employment, and ways to prepare for seeking a job in the nonprofit sector.  There are also links for finding nonprofit job vacancy notices.


Another good site is the Nonprofit Career Network.  It is very well organized for a national search, although it does not yet have a large number of job postings.  Also, the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits has a good site for seeking nonprofit jobs in Minnesota and publishes the Minnesota Nonprofit Job Seekers’ Guide.  If you are interested in nonprofit jobs in Minnesota, your best single bet is still probably the MCN’s JobSearch site.


For this unit, do some soul-searching and some web-surfing.  What is it that you are looking for in a career?  Where can you find such a job?  And what are they looking for from the person they will hire?  You can rip through this part of the assignment and still put something together that will satisfy me (I’ll take your word that this is what you want), or you can take advantage of this opportunity to really do some thinking before you go any further with your studies.


In any event, then you must create a professional portfolio that will demonstrate to those potential employers that you can do what they need.  You do not need to have evidence that supports every section of your portfolio—after all, you won’t be looking for this ideal job until after you have completed the Certificate—but you should see to it that there are sections for every category an employer would want.  Having designed your portfolio, you can then use the assignments in future classes to fill in those blank spots in your portfolio.



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