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Service Learning


“Service learning”—learning that begins in the classroom and moves out to the community—has taken on many different meanings; most of them come back to the elements of learning by doing, doing “in service” to the community, and reflecting—thinking about—what one has been doing.  In the process, we hope that service learning will foster the values of civic responsibility and voluntary activity.  You might want to look at some of the national websites for service learning.


URSI has always stressed the application of knowledge in most of our courses; besides, “service learning” is part of the title for this course.  So, as you might expect, there will be a heavy dose of it in this course. 


You have the opportunity in this course to learn more about community leadership as it is practiced.  You must identify a nonprofit organization in your community that can use at least 30 hours of your time over the course of the classs (that is about 2 hours a week).  If nothing comes immediately to mind, you might look at the Greater Mankato Growth’s website for their “Organization List”.  There are a few rules for selecting your service learning site:

  1. They must be a nonprofit organization
  2. They must be able to identify at least 30 hours of activity that will occur over the next 15 weeks.
  3. They must be willing that you will be studying them while you are volunteering there, and you must have a mentor at the site—someone who has been there a while, who would be willing to answer all the “rookie” questions you are going to be asking.
  4. You must be able to attend a meeting of the Board of the Directors of the organization by week 7 of the course (since you will be drawing on that experience for some of the writing you will be doing).


By the third day of class, you must send me an e-mail with the particulars about your service-learning site—the name & address of the organization, the name & phone number of your mentor, and the nature of your duties with the organization.  Your final writing project in the class will be a reflection on your service learning experience.



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