SoSt 200  Introduction to Social Studies

Interactive e-Notebook

For weeks 4-7 of the semester you will be expected to keep an interactive e-notebook.  One purpose of the notebook is to help you reflect about what you are learning in this class in light of what you are observing in KSP210 and/or what you have ob served or experienced in secondary social studies.  The second purpose is to enable you to practice as a student a teaching technique that you may use as a teacher.


You will learn in the fourth week how to use interactive student notebooks in social studies and then apply the technique to this course.  Mostly, the notebook will contain your notes and reflection from what we do in class.  You will type the notes you take during class into a Microsoft Word document.  Then, using the “Track
Changes” command under the “Tools” button on the top toolbar, you will enter your “reflections” or “working with your notes.”  You are expected to use several of the ideas from the text in your reflections.  Try to make connections to what you are observing in your clinical experience or what you have observed or experienced in social studies previously.


Topics in the e-notebook will include:


Assessment:  Your notebook entries will be evaluated based on demonstration of how extensive your notes are and the depth of thought reflected in those notes.  You will be expected to demonstrate several of the ideas from Bring Learning Alive! in your notebook.  Please indicate which techniques you are using.  To earn full credit you will need to have complete notes from the class and text editing demonstrating thoughtful reflection and several of the techniques from Bringing Learning Alive!  This assignment is due Week 9.


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