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Multiple Perspective Learning Activity

You will design an inquiry/discovery/active learning exercise through which secondary students would examine multiple perspectives, paradigms, or frames of reference for one of the Minnesota Social Studies Standards.  The lesson should be a 1-3 day activity and must be posted to your portfolio on the web. Send me an e-mail with the link to the portfolio site, and I will read & evaluate it from there.

Lesson Plan Format

Identify the appropriate MN Social Studies curriculum standard and learning objective to which this lesson relates.


Identify what would be the expected result(s) of the learning for the student [in terms both of knowing and doing].  Focus on the student, not you as the teacher.  What will students learn and do, what skills will they develop?  Use clear, well-written, active verbs keyed to Bloom’s taxonomies.  Identify the formative and summative assessment tools/activities you will use.  The results must address multiple perspectives and there must be a clear link between the learning objectives, the expected results, and the outcomes assessed.


State the learning objective for this lesson in the form of a guiding question that will be the touchstone for the lesson.  Specify the key vocabulary/technical language that you will teach the students in order to answer this question (and how you will convey this language to the students).  Explain how you will construct your lesson to address the different learning levels and styles within your class (consider a list of questions that probe the full range of Bloom’s taxonomy). 


This needs to be a very clear step-by-step series of activities that students complete.  Pay attention to appropriate sequencing of activities.  Notes about what the teacher is doing are helpful.  Make sure you are preparing the students to succeed in all parts of the lesson.  Assume very little in terms of what your students know or can do.  A colleague should be able to use these instructions to teach the lesson as you would. 


Explain how this learning activity will engage students in analysis of multiple perspectives.  In your explanation demonstrate appropriate use of the terminology we used in class in discussing paradigms, perspectives, and frames of reference. 





Description: SocStud


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