SoSt 200  Introduction to Social Studies

Professional Portfolio Assignment

You must develop an online professional portfolio. 


The 10 Knowledge Standards are:

  1. Culture & Cultural Diversity
  2. Time, Continuity & Change
  3. People, Places & Environment
  4. Individual development & Identity
  5. Interactions among Individuals, Groups & Institutions
  6. Power, Authority & Governance
  7. Production, Distribution & Consumption
  8. Science, Technology & Society
  9. Global Connections
  10. Civic Ideal & Practices


The 7 Skills Areas are:

1.      Read, critically & actively, the social studies literature

2.      Effectively apply information technologies to teaching secondary social studies

3.      Apply multiple perspectives to understanding the social world in teaching secondary social studies

4.      Develop strategies for promoting social responsibility among secondary social studies students

5.      Apply an integrated understanding of concepts in the social sciences and history to teaching secondary social studies

6.      Plan and provide a variety of learning opportunities to meet the developmental needs of diverse learners that challenge secondary social students to think critically and creatively, be active learners, and interact with fellow students

7.      Design and use multiple assessment techniques that demand high level of performance among secondary social studies students


The Social Studies Advisory Board has adopted the following criteria for evaluating student portfolios:

  1. Essays (class papers, personal reflections, etc.)  will be assessed using the following questions:
    1. Is that which is submitted pertinent and appropriate to the standard?
    2. Is it thought provoking and does it show depth of analysis?
    3. Does it offer new insights and understanding?  Is new knowledge created?
  2. Teaching documents (lesson plans, course syllabi, unit plans, standards, assessments, etc.) will be assessed using the following questions:
    1. Does that which is submitted fit with and meet the standards?
    2. Could I teach or use the material presented?
    3. Would I teach or use that which is presented?  Would there be meaningful, value-based, integrative, challenging and/or active teaching and learning?


I encourage you to look at the work of those who have gone before you (  The initial posting is due by the end of the fifth week of class (it must be posted to a public web address, and you must send me an e-mail with the URL of your website).  I expect that you will update it throughout the term (at a minimum, your Multiple Perspective Learning Activity assignment should be linked to your portfolio under Skill #3 and the appropriate knowledge standard). 



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