SoSt 200  Introduction to Social Studies

MN Board of Teaching Performance Expectations Related to Native Americans


In addition to the NCSS Performance Expectations the Minnesota Board of Teaching has adopted several “performance expectations” which relate to several of the NCSS/Board of Teaching standards.  They are:


NCSS/MN Board of Teaching Standard

“Performance Expectation”

1.  Culture and Cultural Diversity

Causes and effects of stereotyping on American Indians within their society and on society as a whole.

2.  Time, Continuity and Change

Significance of American Indian oral tradition in the perpetuation of culture and history.

4.  Individual Development and Identity

The vital role the process of achieving harmony and balance and the American Indian value system play in American Indian philosophy and in the daily lives of American Indians.

5.  Interactions among Individuals, Groups, and Institutions

How Minnesota-based Anishinabe reservations and Dakota communities are influenced by history, geography, and contemporary issues.

6.  Power, Authority and Governance

American Indian treaties and how they function, the meaning of tribal sovereignty, and the concept of sovereignty as related to tribal government.

The impact of ever changing United States policies on American Indians.




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