Test 1

Urban Spaces, People, Places


For each of the following sets of terms, present an image (sketch, photograph, clipping, etc.) and write a one-paragraph explanation of how the image captures the terms:


  1. Nodes, edges, paths (Lynch)
  2. Beats, strips, sinks (Clay)
  3. Contrast, rhythm, balance (Design Principles)
  4. Line, shape, space (Design Elements)
  5. Change of level, street furniture, continuity & change (Clemence)
  6. Scale, terrain, activities (Smith)
  7. Suitable space, enclosure, street (Whyte)
  8. Performance, food, nature (Whyte)
  9. Boundaries, components, program (Wicker/Barker)
  10. Privacy, contiguity, punctuation (Vickery)