Test 2

Urban Spaces People Places



This test is open book and has no time limit (but it should not take longer than two hours to complete). 

Please type your answers, and either e-mail a file (in Word format or text format) to me (tony@mnsu.edu), or hand in a paper copy to the office.  You are encouraged to respond graphically as well as verbally to the questions (in which case, you might want to submit a hard-copy response).


  1. Describe a “Third Place” of your choice.  Be sure to describe how it meets the 8 elements that create the character of a third place.
  2. Design a media campaign to counter the negative symbolism of a place like
    1. Janesville
    2. Minnetonka
    3. Minneapolis
  3. Design a media campaign to build on the positive symbolism of a place like
    1. Janesville
    2. Minnetonka
    3. Minneapolis
  4. Describe a place which captures the “blue haze.”  (Make sure to identify the 4 key elements)
  5. “Make a place” for somewhere in downtown Mankato.  Pay attention both to the elements you will include and the process by which you will achieve it.
  6. Describe the “quality” of good design.
  7. Develop a pattern piece for a pattern language.  Be sure to include the 4 elements and make sure it passes the 3 tests.
  8. Apply the “K-21” test to a pair of behavior settings, and determine whether or not the two settings are independent.
  9. Completely describe a behavior setting, covering the 4 major elements.
  10. Suppose the campus institutes a “1% for the Arts” program, and that we get funding for the $54 million Trafton renovation/rebuilding project.  Either
    1. Develop the criteria and intended outcomes for using the funds, or
    2. Design a project that would use these funds