Sense of Place—Fritz Steele (1981)


I.                    The Spirit of Place:  Finding the “Blue Haze”

A.     Strong location (which means strong boundaries)

B.     Geographic distinctiveness

C.     Scale & Proportion

D.     Rich images



II.                  Making Places:  Influencing Settings

A.     Criteria for making better settings

                                                               i.      Choices & options

                                                             ii.      Reinforcing patterns & sequences (spatial & temporal)

                                                            iii.      Rich material for fantasy & memory (sensory cues)

                                                           iv.      Sense of identity (“This must be the place!”)

                                                             v.      Highlighting personal awareness

                                                           vi.      Highlighting opportunities

                                                          vii.      Appropriate scale

                                                        viii.      Active vitality

B.     Methods of making “Places”

                                                               i.      Creating new settings

1.      Site choice

2.      Design for human needs (Maslow?)

3.      Connected growth

4.      Built-in flexibility

5.      Incorporating fragments

6.      Redesigning the systems of social interaction

7.      Localized names

                                                             ii.      Reworking existing settings

1.      Rehabilitation & reuse

2.      Diagnosis & tinkering

                                                            iii.      Not “unmaking” places