A Room with a View


In the University of Pittsburgh’s Cathedral of Learning (the great tower which houses the President and other chief academic officers), there are a set of classrooms decorated in the style of various countries around the world (see http://www.pitt.edu/~natrooms/pages/allnr.html ).


Suppose MSU decided to do something similar in its own “tower of learning” (soon to be built near the bluff overlooking Indian Creek slough), but this time instead of “international” rooms, the rooms would be designed around expressions of… Learning.


Design one of the rooms.  Make it a “great good place.”  Portray it in words and images (and any other sensory information you can provide).  Describe not just the static fixtures, but also the experience of moving through it and using the space.  Explain why you chose the elements you chose, and if appropriate whom you would choose to create them.


And make sure to answer the question, “What is a place for learning?”