General Observations

General madness (3:30-4:30), but quiet by 5:30

Need outside playground

At certain times, understaffed at welcome desk—one person has to serve 10 people at any given time

Does scanner work?  Little kids push through the gate; No one sneaks by—every person is acknowledged.  Scanner often doesn’t work and people are told to just go through.

Staff didn’t always greet—sometimes overwhelmed.

Can’t do any better with the bottleneck, given the design; but people can make it go faster by being prepared.

Regulars get through without scanning.

Express lane for regulars?

Guest passes from registration desk—takes 5 minutes, and then have to go back to welcome desk.

Phone calls were directed to Registration desk, which already takes a long time—don’t make customers wait.

Kids & volunteer sign in—why sign in and then hand scan?

Phone, drinking fountain, and bathrooms are ill-placed

Returning key creates conflict with people entering.

Could use barcode system (like America’s Fitness) or password as last 4 digits of phone number

Receptionist trolling for dates

Can’t greet when on phone or harassed by some kid

Scanner now working or turnstile not locking or not releasing when it should (90%)

Noone walks directly to the Registration desk—always referred from Reception

Always have 3 people—one at Reception, one at Registration, one  at turnstile

Turnstile catches people’s bags



Keys to exit

Scanner line & reception line

Entry & couch area

No control over large groups of kids running in & out of Y & hanging out at lobby (waiting for rides—sometimes for an hour)