URSI 100--Introduction to the City

Dealing with Confict

Consensual Decision-Making

        Avoid arguing for your own rankings

        Do not assume win/lose

        Do not change mind simply to avoid conflict

        Avoid mechanical techniques to reduce conflict

        Differences of opinion are natural & expected

Getting Past No (William Ury, 1991)

  • Don't React: Go to the Balcony
  • Don't Argue: Step to Their Side
  • Don't Reject: Reframe
  • Don't Push: Build a Golden Bridge
  • Don't Escalate: Use Power to Educate

Negotiation Preparation

  • Interests--Mine & Theirs
  • Options
  • Standards
  • BATNA--Mine & Theirs
  • Proposals
    • aspire to
    • content with
    • live with


2003 A.J.Filipovitch
Revised 1 January 06