Standard Land Use Categories & Code Numbers (Two-digit level)


Residential Units

Code    Category

11                Household units

12                Group quarters

13                Residential hotels

14                Mobile home parks or courts

15                Transient lodgings

19                Other residential, NEC (not elsewhere coded)


21    Food and kindred products—manufacturing

22    Textile mill products—manufacturing

23    Apparel and other finished products made from fabrics—manufacturing

24    Lumber and wood products (except furniture)—manufacturing

25    Furniture and fixtures—manufacturing

26    Paper and allied products—manufacturing

27    Printing, publishing, and allied industries

28    Chemicals and allied products—manufacturing

29    Petroleum refining and related industries

31    Rubber and miscellaneous plastic products—manufacturing

32    Stone, clay, and glass products—manufacturing

33    Primary metal industries

34    Fabricated metal products—manufacturing

35    Professional, scientific, and controlling instruments; photographic and optical goods; watches & clocks—manufacturing

39    Miscellaneous manufacturing, NEC

Transportation, Communication, and Utilities

41    Railroad, rapid rail transit, and street railway transportation

42    Motor vehicle transportation

43    Aircraft transportation

44    Marine craft transportation

45    Highway and street right-of-way

46    Automobile parking

47    Communication

48    Utilities

49    Other transportation, communication, and utilities, NEC


51    Wholesale trade

52    Retail trade—building materials, hardware, and farm equipment

53    Retail trade—general merchandise

54    Retail trade—food

55    Retail trade—automotive, marine craft, aircraft, and accessories

56    Retail trade—apparel and accessories

57    Retail trade—furniture, home furnishings, and equipment

58    Retail trade—eating and drinking

59    Other retail trade, NEC


61    Finance, insurance, and real estate services

62    Personal services

63    Business services

64    Repair services

65    Professional services

66    Contract construction services

67    Governmental services

68    Educational services

69    Miscellaneous services

Cultural, entertainment, and recreational

71    Cultural activities and nature exhibitions

72    Public assembly

73    Amusement

74    Recreational activities

75    Resorts and group camps

76    Parks

79    Other cultural, entertainment, and recreational NEC

Resource production and extraction

81    Agriculture

82    Agricultural related activities

83    Forestry activities and related services

84    Fishing activities and related services

85    Mining activities and related services

89    Other resource production and extraction NEC

Undeveloped land and water areas

91    Undeveloped and unused land area (excluding noncommercial forest development)

92    Noncommercial forest development

93    Water area

94    Vacant floor area

95    Under construction

99  Other undeveloped land and water areas, NEC