City Projects

Journal Research

There are any number of journals, written for an educated layperson, which often have articles on cities or city issues.  You might look at National Geographic (the November 2002 issue has an article on Megacities) or Discover (the November, 2002 issue has an article on LaMarmotta, a stone-age city recently discovered in Italy) or Smithsonian (the November, 2002 issue has an article on Athens and the January, 2003 issue has an article on medieval Dubrovnik) or Scientific American (the November, 1997 issue has an article on Great Zimbabwe and the February, 1990 issue has an article on medieval Novgorod).

1.      Identify a journal article about a city that is not in the United States (or about a city before there was a United States).  The Reader’s Guide to Periodical Literature in the library could be a place to start.

2.      Describe:  Read & summarize the article in your notes.

3.      Compare life in the city you read about to life in your “home town” (for purposes of this and all other assignments, “home town” can be where you are living now, the town in which you grew up, or any other city with which you are familiar.  If you live now on a farm and have lived your entire life on a farm, use the town where your family went/goes for shopping, banking, etc.)

4.      Analyze:  Based on the comparison you just made, how have people in different times/places met similar problems in a similar fashion?  How have they done it in a different fashion?  What problems has one group had to face that the other has not?


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