URSI 100--Introduction to the City

Immigration in the City

Melting Pots, Mosaics, and Salad Bowls

Melting pot


Salad Bowl

Statistical background:

Decade when immigration into US exceeded 1 million

Decade of highest immigration into US (9,095,417 for 1991-2000)

Decades when immigration exceeded 4 million

Immigration Law

1852 Chinese Exclusion Act

1921 Quota Act (ended open immigration; quotas based on 1890 levels)

1965 Immigration & Nationality Act (family unification)

1980 Refugee Act

1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act (permitted undocumented immigrants to apply for citizenship)

1990 Immigration Act (increased quota and established lottery to diversify immigrant stream)

Views on immigration

--without immigration, US population would be dropping

--open borders are like open markets

--immigrants make important economic contributions

--immigration increases pressure on natural resources

--immigration depresses wages

--immigration hinders progress of existing minority groups

--immigration dilutes national identity


Based on LEVY, J.M. 2000. Urban America: Processes & Problems. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.


2003 A.J.Filipovitch
Revised 1 January 06