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MSU as an Integrated Circuit

I work for Minnesota State University, Mankato in the Information Technology Services.

I currently focus in the following areas:

Contact Information

US Postal Address Jeffrey Hundstad
3010 Memorial Library
Mankato, Minnesota 56001
Campus maps Map Index
Campus Map (my office is in ML — Memorial Library)
Third floor detail ML (my office is 3040M)
ICBM Targeting Address +44 08 57.00 -093 59 40.80 (239m)
Maidenhead Grid Square EN34ad
Primary E-Mail
Secondary E-Mail
Amateur Radio (HAM) Call Sign WE0A it used to be KC0RHM
My last known mobile location Look up my last location on findu
Work phone +1-507-389-6923
Fax +1-507-389-6115
Home phone +1-507-625-7643
Facebook (personal) Jeffrey Hundstad
Twitter (ham radio updates) we0a

Public Keys

I prefer GPG encodings.

Personal Information

I live in Mankato, MN, where I own a house near the University. I live there with my wife, Patrice, her cats, two tanks of fish and a lovebird. Sometime we'd like to get as far away from Mankato as possible

Here's an audio clip (158,753 bytes) of me talking about the things I do at work. It's completely out of date but really it's here just so you can hear my voice :-)

I like my car.

Jim likes his Ural.

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