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Advertising Club at Mankato State University meets next week at 7:00pm on Wednesday, November 15th, 2006 in CSU 285.


You'll get smarter.
Joining The University of Mankato Ad Club will give you real hands on experience you might never see before graduating. We take several trips throughout the year to advertising agencies that offer internships. We also compete in National Competitions.

You'll make connections.
Every year we go on several trips around the United States to large advertising and marketing agencies that offer many students the opportunity to take on an internship or even an entry level position in their company while attending school. Many of these agencies also connect with our organization and offer jobs after graduation.

You'll stay informed.
Even if you miss a meeting we send out newsletters via email after every meeting. These newsletters go over everything we covered in the meeting. In the case you miss a meeting, just check your email and get started!

You'll have fun.
This organization is not about just hard work and building your resume. In order to become good in a marketing field you must be proficient in your interpersonal skills. That's why we take every opportunity to have fun! From hayrides, window painting contests, homecoming parades, and more... we do it all!

You'll get experience.
Joining the Ad Club is a smart step if your getting a Business Degree. We work with local businesses such as Applebees, Embers, Jimmy Johns, and more. By advertising around campus we gain professional experience by creating campaigns to promote the companies. In return, these sponsors provide the funds needed to take trips to big advertising firms around the United States.


Show up to our meetings and we will get you registered! We meet next week on Wednesday, November 15th in the CSU 285 room at 7:00pm.


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